Praise for Rick Quinn’s Arizona and New Mexico: 25 Scenic Side Trips:

The book itself is absolutely beautiful. Stunning photographs are featured on every page. The photos, combined with detailed maps and highlights about each stop along the route, one could easily content themselves with being an armchair traveler. Overall, I highly recommend “RoadTrip America Arizona and New Mexico: 25 Scenic Side Trips” by Rick Quinn as a first-class travel companion and guide, or as a wonderful book to curl up with and dream about your next road trip. For me, it will be a hard decision choosing which trip to take first.” — Sheri Hoyte, (12/18/18)

These sites are out of the way and not so easy to get to, but a visit to Chaco Canyon should be on the bucket list of every traveler who is curious about world history.” A new article by Brad Donaldson, PassionPassport (10/02/18)

“Rick Quinn reveals the absolute best of Arizona and New Mexico, including hidden gems and overlooked treasures. This gorgeous guidebook helps you plan the ultimate road trip!” by James Kaiser, author of Grand Canyon: The Complete Guide and several other books about national parks.” (09/17/18)

“Whether you live in Arizona or New Mexico or are just passing through you should grab a copy of this book. The book is filled with awesome pictures and maps, and recommended alternate routes. The book even tells you how much extra time it will take to travel through via one of the side trips, makes it easy to adjust your travel time. Some of these side trips can take you just a few minutes out of your way” — Teresa Noel, (10/01/18)

Full-scale adventures through some of the Southwest’s most spectacular and historic places. For travelers who want their journey to be the adventure, this is a great guide to these two states.” by Cindy Carlsson, Exploration Vacation (07/08/18)

Whether you take these 25 Scenic Side Trips for the dramatic scenery, varied wildlife, fascinating history, deep cultures or inherent quirkiness of Arizona and New Mexico, you’ll find all you need to satisfy your desire to “be there.” And you’ll find more than enough to bring you back again and again.” by Craig and Suzanne Sheumaker, authors of America’s Living History – The Early Years. (07/31/18)

RoadTrip America Arizona and New Mexico: 25 Scenic Side Trips is a handy guide through the incredibly scenic side trips through Arizona and New Mexico.” by Rob Kinnan, Mustang Monthly (04/18/18)

“Book Review: Love this book. My husband and I are planning an RV trip out west sometime next year and this was so much better than a lot of the travel guides I’ve read about Arizona and New Mexico. Very highly recommended.” by Megan Fagre, NetGalley (08/12/18)

“I checked my own knowledge against the book for places I have been, just to check what he wrote against what I know. I did this for the AZ sites and places in Northern New Mexico around Santa Fe and Taos — and this book is TERRIFIC!” by Stephanie Tettler, central coast librarian, (04/27/18)

Keep those wheels turnin’: New guide for spontaneous getaways” by Nancy Wiechec, Arizona Daily Sun (03/25/18)

Beyond the Interstate: An Interview with the Author of Arizona and New Mexico: 25 Scenic Side Trips by Dustin Christensen, (03/29/18)

Book Review: “RoadTrip America Arizona & New Mexico: 25 Scenic Side Trips” by Rick Quinn “This is a great book for anyone interested in sightseeing and adventure as opposed to just getting to their end destination.” by Carmen Ledford (04/06/18)

“I can tell you if this guide had been available I would have loved it even more. Roadtrip America: Arizona and New Mexico: 25 Scenic Side Trips by Rick Quinn is a fantastic guidebook. It’s comprehensive, up-to-date and the format is perfect: every route in the books starts and ends on the Interstate system, but takes you far beyond to the places that are most interesting. Rick clearly put in the miles to make this great book. Reading through it I kept thinking, “I can’t believe I missed that!” From Billy the Kid’s haunts and hideouts to abandoned architectural experiments to Indian cliff dwellings to beautifully raw landscapes, Rick’s book covers it all.” —

“Rick Quinn jumps off the interstate to guide travelers on 25 brilliantly conceived road trips. Stunning images of southwestern landscapes and landmarks nicely mix with his insights about historic attractions and roadside treasures along the way.” — Doug Kirby,

*****”Wow! This book is packed with so much information, it’s a traveller’s education in itself. It’s got me champing at the bit to try out these junkets, and I’ll definitely be keeping it close for future reference. The scenic beauty of the American Southwest is unparalleled anywhere, and author Rick Quinn, a veteran of road trips all over North and South America spanning several decades, directs eager readers “off the beaten track,” specifically off Interstates, all the better to discover the views and vistas, the untold secrets, of “the real Southwest.” He weaves in historical input as well, in a delightful, exciting, and educational guidebook. Don’t miss! ” –Mallory Anne-Marie Hawes,

****”I have spent a lot of time in both New Mexico and Arizona over the past 50 years and this guide covers both states very well. These scenic trips get you off the interstate highways to see some of the best sites. The boxes with information are especially helpful. I also appreciated the color photos. Some physical features of the Southwest are not always visible unless you know what you are looking for. The online features add to the value of the guide.” –Jeanette Larson, librarian,

“It is definitely one of the best travel guides for anyone wanting to explore the side and back roads of Arizona and New Mexico. When I moved to Arizona for the winter, I searched high and low for books that would give me details on little-known trips in the state, but while I found a few that helped, nothing was as detailed as this book. This is packed with beautiful photos (that don’t get in the way) and an easy-to-read format with fabulous maps. Whether you will be visiting or are a resident of either state, definitely buy this book to refer to again and again. I’m looking forward to more in the RoadTrip America series and fingers crossed the next title will be for Utah.” — Robin Beerbower, Librarian

“Colorfully illustrated, this guide book by well-seasoned traveler Rick Quinn covers Arizona and New Mexico quite well. Enough detail is given about locations and drives to pique the interest and yet not spoil the surprise. As a bonus, the maps are concise but detailed enough to get you to the destination… Overall, I would highly recommend this book by Rick Quinn.”–Jim Hinckley, author of Route 66: America’s Longest Small Town

“What makes this wonderfully accessible book invaluable to the time-pressed driver is that the author has broken things down into bite-sized detours from the region’s four Interstate Highways. For those who may be passing through Arizona or New Mexico on the way someplace else, it’s an inspirational guide to transforming what would otherwise be a simple A-to-B journey into something special – a road trip that takes you into the heart of the Desert Southwest.”–Peter Thody,

“A very good guide to those who will be traveling through the Southwest. I used it to plan a trip for later this year and found the information provided to be interesting and accurate. A lot of hard work went into compiling it all so we don’t have to do all the work. Great job. Highly suggest this be read before traveling through the area.” — Carol Davis, (05/20/18)

“This book is amazing, packed with so much information on so many towns and attractions that it’s hard to believe author Rick Quinn was able to research, drive, and photograph it all in a half-year. He’s aimed his book at travelers who want a convenient break from the Interstates, but being a couple thousand miles away myself, I find it just as fun for armchair travelers. The directions are clear, the maps are helpful, the descriptions are concise yet engaging, and the photography consistently stunning. Having crossed the states on Route 66 a decade ago, it was a lot of fun revisiting the highlights (yes, of course we stayed at the Wigwam Motel) and learning how much else there is to see along that route, not to mention the many other roads and destinations waiting to be discovered.”–Brian Butko, author of Greetings from the Lincoln Highway and Roadside Attractions

“Useful for anyone who will be traveling through New Mexico or Arizona. I grew up in Arizona and this book showed me so many things that I have still not seen. I now live in Texas so I am excited to use the recommendations from this book for the next time I travel to Arizona and will drive through New Mexico. This book is easy to read and well formatted. I enjoyed the pictures and maps, as well as the recommended alternate routes for those more interested in the journey than the destination (or even those who might want a more exciting journey on their way to a destination). Well known sites are mentioned, as well as ones that most people have not heard about. Great job to the author on this travel book.”–Hayley Haws,

“Iconic only-in-America tourist destinations come alive in Rick Quinn’s guide to famed Arizona and New Mexico road trips. From Burma-Shave roadside signs, vortex sites, tree trunk sculptures, and the world’s smallest museum, to architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s former home, artist Georgia O’Keefe’s studio, and Biosphere 2, you’ll be amazed at the seductive pull these diverse, sometimes quirky attractions will have on your western itinerary.”–Jeff Blumenfeld, editor,

“Arizona and New Mexico: 25 Scenic Side Trips is a stunningly beautiful book with hundreds of color photos, easy-to-read route maps, and insider tips that only a well-traveled tour guide would know. The book is organized in a logical fashion with helpful color-coding to separate the routes, boxes pointing out the highlights, and travel time information to guide you along your way. Several of the routes connect to one another for a longer adventure, and all can be driven in either direction with helpful notes to doing so. A well-documented index will help you find that section on your favorite town or place in either state.”–Carol White, author of Live Your Road Trip Dream. More of Carol’s review was published on on March 15th.

“If there was ever a model for publishing the perfect road trip book, Quinn’s book is the closest thing I’ve seen. Clear, easy to use, great full-color photography and illustrations, outstanding maps, excellent organization, and an overall fun read. Whether or not you ever set foot in Arizona or New Mexico, you’ll enjoy following these routes from your armchair. It’s a must-have companion if you are driving through the state and have a little extra time or sense of adventure.”–Michael Dougherty, author of The Ultimate Montana Atlas and Travel Encyclopedia

“It’s not a mirage; this wonderful book brings these legendary, mythical desert regions to life in the best of ways, with compelling stories, gorgeous images and useful information.”–Chris Epting, author of James Dean Died Here and Roadside Baseball

“Rick Quinn’s Arizona and New Mexico: 25 Scenic Side Trips is pure joy for those who prefer the road less traveled. With more than two dozen maps, stunning photographs and practical advice (from what to have in your vehicle, just in case, to how best to watch the sunrise at the Grand Canyon to the best times to avoid the crowds at popular attractions) this is the indispensable guide to traveling the desert – and mountain – southwest, a region which retains traces of complex cultures dating to the 13th century.” –Aaron Reed, author of The Local Angler: Fly Fishing Austin & Central Texas

Arizona and New Mexico: 25 Scenic Side Trips is a must-have for travelers exploring the Southwest. Over 300 full-color photos capture the true beauty of these two states.”–Ellen Robson, author of Haunted Highway: The Spirit of Route 66

“I’ve been an Arizonan for 33 years and have road tripped many miles in both Arizona and New Mexico. Yet, with each of Rick Quinn’s scenic side trips, I learned of new places to visit. Mr. Quinn has done an excellent job finding those special Arizona and New Mexico spots that are easy to miss when looking at maps.” –Gerald Thurman, College Instructor, Tempe Arizona.

“As an experienced roadtripper, Quinn has gone beyond the usual in this travel guide, providing important information before you head out, such as when the road turns to dirt or when taking an RV is not advised. Alternate routes are then suggested, if possible. Sidebars give listings and contact information of the route’s highlights and some give additional background information. I have spent most of the past 15 years in Arizona and explored quite a bit of the state and a good part of New Mexico. Reading this has shown me how many more fascinating and beautiful places I have yet to see. I can’t recommend this too highly. Now my only quandary—which roadtrip to do first!: — Jaimie Bruzenak,
** Let’s take a roadtrip! Arizona & New Mexico guidebook **, By Jaimie Bruzenak (02/23/18)

“This is more than a guidebook of out-of-the-way places, it’s an invitation to adventure and an invitation to savor and explore the landscape and history of Arizona and New Mexico. This is a must have for anyone looking to explore the less traveled back roads and trails — Joe de Kehoe, author of The Silence and the Sun

“What a great way to explore the Southwest, skip the obvious and take a variety of wonderful side trips off the interstate. Whether this will be new territory to explore or a return trip, this book is a treasure to own.”–Pat Mount, Tucson Arizona

“Each chapter includes several maps of the route with the suggested stops clearly marked, as well as a detailed description of the highlights and attractions in each city along the way. And the photographs are absolutely stunning..”–Candy B. Harrington,

**** “Very informative and well-designed travel book full of important and interesting information. Highly recommended.”–M Sarki, NetGalley